15 pensieri riguardo “Gambe”

      1. Parted thighs are a lovely gift to your camera…I should mention the second with her lifted hip is very well done. Do you consider yourself a photographer or do you just enjoy capturing her for your own use and sharing her images for her pleasure?

        Mi piace

          1. I find your attention to your only muse and beloved wife a beautiful adoration; perhaps one might consider it a sensual spiritual connection with her, a connection most readers may never achieve with their lovers or life partners. Very inspiring; Carry On, then! -Ret

            Mi piace

            1. Well, I think that it’s much more in the imagination of those who watch than in the real image of what she shows … You can see legs, breast … ass … but you can easly see this anywhere in real life … It in her sensuality and in your imagination … this is what we like.

              Mi piace


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